Data Science and Health - AKU Pre-University Summer School Programme

The Aga Khan University's 'Pre-university Summer School Program' provided high school students with an exceptional opportunity to discover their true potential. Out of the courses offered by the program, "Data Science and​ Health," was one such course tailor-made for students like them. The course offered participants the opportunity to plunge themselves into the dynamic world of data science and its transformative applications in healthcare. Led by experienced facilitators including Dr Zahra Hoodbhoy Assistant Professor, Paediatrics & Child Health, Dr Nida Saddaf Khan, Senior Instructor, Citric Health Data Science Centre and Dr Zarmeen Nasim Senior Instructor, Citric Health Data Science Centre​, from Aga Khan University, participants explored data preprocessing, exploratory data analysis, and building predictive models using machine learning algorithms. Participants were also involved in hands-on projects where they presented their insights and received valuable feedback. By the program's end, they wielded the prowess of data science, the ethical mindset, and the art of effective communication—skills that set them on a trajectory of success in their careers and beyond.​

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