​​​​​​​Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening (RHD) with Handheld Ultrasound Device

The CITRIC Health Data Science Centre at Aga Khan University (AKU) organized a two-day workshop on Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) from 21st to 22nd July 2023. Geared towards fresh medical graduates, the workshop offered a unique learning experience to explore cardiac anatomy, ​the complexities of RHD, and echocardiography.

Participants gained insights into RHD, understanding its prevalence, impact, and clinical manifestations. Dr. Zainab Samad, Director of the CITRIC Health Data Science Centre and Chair of Department of Medicine at AKU, emphasized the crucial role of echocardiography in accurately diagnosing RHD. The in-depth exploration of cardiac anatomy and physiology, along with the pathophysiology of RHD, laid a solid foundation for the practical aspects of the workshop.

​The practical aspect of the workshop involved hands-on learning experiences where participants examined RHD findings on echocardiograms using an echocardiography simulator on real patients using state-of-the-art Butterfly U/S Echo Devices. By the end of the workshop, participants gained essential knowledge and understanding to perform echocardiography confidently in their medical training.

​​​​The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training proved to be immensely beneficial for the attendees, as they acquired valuable expertise in RHD diagnosis using echocardiography. at the end of the session, a comprehensive post-test evaluation was conducted to ensured that participants had absorbed the essential concepts and were well-prepared to apply their newfound skills in their medical practice effectively.​

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