​​​​​Bootcamp on Health Data Science

Data is an important component of every field, considering health data is an emerging field, it is important not only in developed parts of the world but also in developing countries. However, the capacity to manage & analyze data is at the nascent stage in low-middle-income countries, which is why one of their first initiative on capacity-building workshop on Health Data Science was held on 11th December 2021 in Islamabad. It was organized by the CITRIC Health Data Science center team from Aga Khan University Hospital and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The program highlighted different topics on machine learning algorithms in healthcare, python basics, data wrangling, visualization in python, statistics using python, business intelligence and data warehousing, data science and public health, social determinants of health and ethics, and artificial intelligence. The event was meant to bring different stakeholders together for future partnerships and collaborations across Pakistan. This involved several clinician experts who work with health data and are sharing how it is used and how advanced analytic techniques can help. The facilitators included Dr. Zainab Samad director of the Health Data Science Center at AKU, external experts Dr. Rumi Chunara from NYU, Dr.Salim Virani from Baylor College of Medicine, and other data scientists Ms. Kauser Parveen, Salma Tajudin & Dr. Amir Abbas. This workshop provided great momentum to galvanize more events for building capacity in health data management in Pakistan.

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