​Workshop on Fundamentals of Health Care Research (AKU & AKHSP)

​The Aga Khan University's CITRIC Health Data Science Center organized a workshop on Fundamentals of Healthcare Research on June 23rd-25th, 2022. The training team comprised of different faculty members from the organization with Ph.D. backgrounds, hands-on clinical research experience, pediatricians, cardiologists, systematic review experts & specialists in community-level interventions. The participants of the training workshop belong to Gilgit Baltistan Aga Khan Health Services Pakistan (sister organization of AKU). The workshop aimed to train participants to learn how to critically analyze research methodologies identified in the existing literature, propose, and distinguish appropriate research designs and methodologies to apply to a specific research project. The program also focused on developing a comprehensive research methodology for a research question and applying the understanding of feasibility and practicality of research methodology for a proposed project. The two-day workshop ended with an initiative between the organizations to promote future collaborative research projects.​

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