​Worl​d Health AI Partnership

Aga Khan University (AKU) in collaboration with Duke Institute for Health Innovation ​(DIHI), has focussed its efforts to use the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhancing health outcomes and introducing efficiencies in the healthcare system. Within the scope of this endeavour, various projects were undertaken, including a systematic literature review to understand the global context and a qualitative analysis involving multiple decision-makers in the healthcare system, to understand the local context. Efforts also extended to experimenting with the transfer of machine learning models developed in high-income settings, specifically at DIHI, to low- and middle-income settings, such as AKU Karachi. Additionally, dedicated resources were allocated to crafting a locally tailored machine learning​ model to address specific healthcare needs in Pakistan. The teams collaborated closely, developing process maps, and diligently documenting the challenges encountered throughout this journey. 

The insights gained from this experience were shared during a dissemination event, attended by key decision-makers, industry representatives, and academic institutions within Pakistan. This event served as a platform to communicate our findings and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the integration of AI in healthcare within Pakistan and other low-middle-income-countries.​

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