​Human and Planetary Health Roundtable & Symposium: Foregrounding Local Research and Data​​​

The NYU Center for Health Data Science organized an event to identify challenges in adopting advanced data-driven methodologies for health and climate research. Participants included diverse researchers and stakeholders globally, with the AKU Health Data Science team invited to attend the Roundtable on September 14, 2023, and the Symposium on September 15, 2023. The subsequent Symposium showcased recent research, providing a vital benchmark for global climate change research. The event fostered cross-disciplinary collaboration and resulted in a new knowledge ecosystem committed to addressing human and planetary health. Tangible recommendations for research and implementation were generated, and a thematic analysis of discussions is planned for a peer-reviewed journal. A thematic analysis of discussions is planned for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. A key outcome was the formation of a new knowledge ecosystem, uniting academic and policy stakeholders globally, committed to collaborative efforts addressing human and planetary health. The group has identified critical areas for prioritized research and implementation, energized for collective action and the next steps enabled by this collaborative approach.​

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