​T​raining Wor​kshop on Health Economics

The CITRIC Health Data Science Centre, in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, organized a three-day workshop aimed at building capacity in Health Economics.​ Participants comprised early and mid-career level researchers, public health professionals, IT, and finance experts. The workshop encompassed basic health economics concepts, progressing to various types of economic evaluations, costing principles, and disease modeling, incorporating variables to identify outcome measures.

Different models for economic evaluation were utilized, emphasizing understanding uncertainty and conducting sensitivity analysis. The workshop contextualized these concepts through an exploration of a real-life program, specifically the health Benefit Package planned for Pakistan. Noteworthy aspects of the workshop included engaging interactions, a hands-on approach, and the simplicity with which complex concepts were explained. The workshop concluded with discussions on the next steps for capacity building and potential collaborations in the field.​

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