Student festival and concert

November 25, 2018

Concert (Nov 24, 2018)

Rock out to the distinctive melodies, riffs and beats of Kashmir- The Band! 

Concert ticket is included in the Congress registration. 

Student festival (Nov 25, 2018)

Explore a different take on student life through our interactive, engaging, student led and student centred festival.

Student festival attendance is included in the Congress registration. 

Ice breaking

  • An event like never before 

  • Fun games and activities 

  • Interact with students from all over the country 

  • Share similar ideas 

Center stage focus

  • Get inspired by personalities like Jibran Nasir

  • Short, crisp talks by youth leaders 

  • Followed by a short Q 

Student theatre play

  • Witness the art that is open air theatre 

  • Student life themed short play

Parallel activities 

  • Drum Circles: Discover a new way to connect; through rhythms and drumbeats.

  • Troubled times:  Have we really grown up in the least violent of eras? Talk to experts and analysts about keeping sane in ‘insane’ times.

  • Social Entrepreneurship: We millennials love buying a service with a cause attached. But why? Do these models work?

Student competitions

  • Screening of all film submissions

  • Spoken word competition

  • Announcement

  • of winners of all four student competitions


  • A unique take on brunch, on us of course​