Parallel S essions

November 24, 2018

Congress Tracks

Teaching and Learning - TL
Gender Equity - GE
Campus Life - CL

Living well: viewing the world from different lens (CL)

This session aims to provide a platform to the participants to reflect on their strengths and potential strengths. This will also enable them to explore the domains of emotional well-being and unfold their capabilities to positively deal with the challenges of university life.

Lean in & rise

The role of women as leaders in the workforce and society at large will be explored, along with some of the challenges, opportunities, and potential futures.

Career in science and technology in Pakistan: dream, mirage or horizon? (GE) 

Is a career in science and technology a dream, a false promise or is there something to look forward to for today’s students? In this panel, engage in a conversation with the science and technology leaders in Pakistan regarding the future of science and technology (S&T) in Pakistan.

Exploring an entrepreneurial approach to student learning and impact (TL)

Pakistan, as it stands, has a burgeoning young population making it immensely fertile for entrepreneurship opportunities. However, with the opportunities brought by an increasing population comes the reminder of a few dark realities – rising unemployment rates and an increase in the number of mouths to feed. Getting entrepreneurship right is a must have if Pakistan’s student generation is to successfully adapt and succeed in a challenging macro-economic environment.

Students and civic responsibility (CL)

University students are poised to make vital, informed, politically and culturally relevant contributions to the fabric of civil society. Join thought leaders as they discuss the roles and responsibilities of students with respect to the society there are a part of.

Incorporating humanities in higher education (TL)

Many fields of learning stand to benefit from exploring work in different disciplines. Should scholarship in the humanities be incorporated in the curricula of all other fields? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks? Explore a range of opinions from a diverse panel of speakers.

Campus safety: what’s New on the horizon? (CL) 

Educational institutes are increasingly becoming direct and indirect victims of mass violence. Campus Safety and security is responsible not only for creating and fostering a safe and open campus by putting preventive measures in place, but also responding to emergencies, requests for assistance, traffic/parking control and educating students about various aspects of campus safety. This session will highlight the various roles and responsibilities of Campus safety and security departments in Pakistan.

Creating a culture of student engagement (TL)

Participants will discuss and reflect on their experiences and aspirations, both in terms of teaching approaches and in terms of working with students as co-creators of the learning experience. By the end of the workshop participants will have identified some next steps to support them in providing a high quality learning experience for all learners.​