Individual Consultancy Service

The ​Individual Consultancy Service provides English language support, feedback and advice to students, faculty and staff at AKU. You can book a session to speak with an ELE_net Advisor online or face-to-face at a time and place convenient to you.

Book a session if you:

  • want advice on how to improve your English language skills.

  • need help deciding which ELE_net course is most suitable for you.

  • would like feedback on your writing.

Bespoke English Course Service

In addition to the regular courses and services ELE_net offers, we provide consultancy services for AKU clients who need more specific or tailor-made provision. These services include:

  • bespoke English language courses for groups of students, faculty or staff

  • needs analysis studies to assess the English competencies required for study or work purposes

  • English language assessments for individuals or groups of students, faculty or staff.

Testing Services

ELE_net provides a testing service to assess your level of English. The test we use is the  British Council Aptis test. This test is used in many organizations across the world for a wide variety of purposes (recruitment, appraisals etc.) It covers all four language skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. You can take the test in one skill, two skills or all four skills.