Testing Services

ELE_net provides a testing service to assess your level of English. The test we use is the ​​British Council Aptis test. This test is used in many organizations across the world for a wide variety of purposes (recruitment, appraisals etc.) It covers all four language skills: Listening, Reading, S​peaking and Writing. You can take the test in one skill, two skills or all four skills.

Writing Feedback Service

This service will focus on providing you with writing feedback to develop your writing skills in English.​ The main aim of the service is to provide you with expert feedback to help develop your use of English language for writing. 

Consultancy Services

In addition to the regular courses and services ELE_net offers, we provide consultancy services for AKU clients who need more specific or tailor-made provision. These services include:

  • bespoke English language courses for individuals or groups of students, faculty or staff

  • needs analysis studies to assess the English competencies required for study or work purposes

  • English language assessments for individuals or groups of students, faculty or staff.

Language Advisory Service

The Language Advisory Service is here to provide English language support and advice to students, faculty and staff at AKU. You can book a session to speak to an ELE_net Advisor at a time and place convenient to you. You will receive advice on how to best improve your language skills based on your current needs, level and preferences.