​Language Advisory Service

The Language Advisory Service is here to provide English language support and advice to students, faculty and staff at AKU. You can book a session to speak to an ELE_net Advisor at a time convenient to you. You will receive advice on how to best improve your language skills based on your current needs, level and preferences. ​

The advisory session is an opportunity for you to discuss your language learning needs and interests in a confidential manner. Please note that Language Advisory Service is not 1:1 teaching or a proofreading service. The Advisor will not aim to correct your language mistakes but help you to analyze your current needs, goals and preferences and plan your progress accordingly.

Book a Language Advisory session

1) Select a day and date for your session.

2) Select a 20-minute session from the available time slot.

3) If the times available are not convienient, go 'Back' and select a different day.

4) Complete the booking form and click 'Book Now' to confirm. You will receive a confirmation email.

Attend your session

1) Click on the link provided in your confirmation email at the time of your session. You will need a camera and microphone to speak with an Advisor. We recommend using a mobile device with a good internet connection.

2) After your session, your Advisor will email you a summary of your discussion, with comments on your strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for further improvement.

Cancel your session

1) Click on the cancellation link provided in the confirmation email. Please provide as much notice as possible.