​​Valedictory Address

Luwilo Sanga, MEd Class of 2016​

President Rasul
Our Chief Guest Mr. Lila Mkila, Deputy Governor of the Bank of
AKU faculty
AKU administration members
AKU alumni
Fellow graduands
Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon to you all

Today we have become AKU alumni; we all have completed the major step in academic journey which is considered as very important step for our career development. I would like to congratulate all graduates on your special day after the hard work you have done.  Congratulations! All graduates here have their own experiences studying at AKU Tanzania, with fond memories of good and hard times, assignments deadlines, last minute submissions, and Examinations. My friends, we have made it to this wonderful day. Tujipongeze… 

On behalf on my fellow graduates; 

I would like to thank God for His kindness, mercy and blessings during the academic ende​​avor we had. It is because of His love and kindness we are here again as graduates at the completion of our programs. God be with us, today and forever. 

Special thanks go to our families; you have always been there for us throughout our academic journey. Thanks to our parents, siblings, loving spouse and children for the support and encourage​​​ment you gave us during the academic journey. You are the reason for what we are today.  We are proud to be graduating from the AKU here in Tanzania, as it is one of the finest Educational Institutions in the country we can say. Quality education is delivered by the qualified and renowned personnel in each department, we really thank the University Chancellor, His Highness the Aga Khan, and the University Board of Trustees, for their efforts, care and support to make sure that Quality education is provided to East African people particularly in Tanzania. 

Ladies and gentlemen, AKU is working with individuals, communities, and national and international organizations in supporting the provision of quality education in East Africa, so as to improve the academic performance and provision of quality health services by empowering educators and nurses, and midwifes in different fields. We really thank our supporters for the sponsorship which helped us to accomplish our dreams. Many of us, especially here in Tanzania fail to reach at this academic level due to financial constraints. Through the scholarships offered under AKU, Tanzania it has been possible for this group here to celebrate their accomplishments today. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the excellent services of AKU, Tanzania could not be possible without the commendable work done by qualified and highly professional faculty and staff.  AKU, Tanzania, is equipped with qualified faculty members who are working tirelessly to make sure that students get what they deserve at the right time. We appreciate and thank you so much for the hard work and commitment in helping us reach this level at this day. 

Ladies and gentlemen this speech would sound incomplete without thanking one another as graduates. We really worked as a team towards accomplishing our dreams. It has been a wonderful time of lives to have an academic journey with graduating class of 2017. The love, respect and support were the key subjects for our living at AKU, Tanzania. It is advised that we maintain this spirit even after this graduation. Moreover we should consider this graduation as the stepping stone for further studies and academic achievements. 

I came to AKU already as an experienced teacher trainer, teaching my students about learner-centred pedagogy.  The faculty at IED brought this to life for me, not just teaching about it but actually putting the learner at the centre of the process.  Since I have returned to my college my own teaching has been transformed as I look not just to teach my students about good practice but to demonstrate good practice with them.  As I do so I have been able also formally and informally mentor my fellow tutors, bringing a whole new dimension to our practice. 

So, this is something tangible I have taken away from AKU.  I ask my fellow graduands to reflect: what have you learnt as a student that you are now implementing in your teaching, nursing and medical practice? Our scholarships offered us the opportunity to pause, reflect and learn. Let us now commit to serving our communities with renewed passion, vigour and understanding, as we look to be worthy ambassadors of the Aga Khan University. 

God bless you in all your academic endeavors  
Graduates of 2017 
Live long Aga Khan University  
Thank you​