​Dr J. Robert Buchanan

Trustee Recognition 

We honor Dr J. Robert Buchanan for his commitment and dedication to the development of the Aga Khan University, as a founding Trustee for 27 years, since 1985. He has generously given of his expertise and knowledge in health sciences acquired through the leadership of medical institutions in North America to oversee the development of AKU's strong foundation in medical education and health services. This journey began with the establishment of the Aga Khan University Hospital and postgraduate medical education in Pakistan. With that underpinning, Dr Buchanan helped to steer the development of AKU's Medical College and teaching hospital to become one of international repute. The establishment of the extensive outreach programme led AKU to become the market leader in Pakistan in diagnostic medicine and enabled the support of the University's academic programmes. This system is now a model for expansion of AKU's reach in health sciences to East Africa and Central Asia. Dr Buchanan continues to provide through the Board sage advice to the University on governance, hospital management, medical education, fundraising and integrated health systems.

Dr Buchanan is a visionary leader in the areas of healthcare delivery and medical education, as the former Dean of the Medical College at Cornell University in New York, the General Director (CEO) Emeritus of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and as professor at Harvard Medical School. His bold leadership played a significant role in the creation of regional and national health systems in the United States, which required unprecedented collaboration as well as extensive capacity development. Dr Buchanan is an innovator and problem solver in the healthcare arena, which is evident through his many applications of cutting edge technology and his engagement into new fields of study.​