Dr J. Fraser Mustard​ (late)​

Trustee Recognition 

We honor the (late) Dr J. Fraser Mustard for his dedication and persistence to the development of academic programmes of the Aga Khan University, as a founding Trustee from 1985 to 2011. An intellectual entrepreneur, Dr Mustard mobilized the School of Nursing at McMaster University, while serving as its Dean of Medicine, to support the establishment of the School of Nursing at AKU. With Dr Mustard's guidance, the AKU-SON grew to have a far reaching impact on the profession nationally as well as in nursing education in East Africa, Afghanistan and Syria. We are indebted to Dr Mustard for his stewardship of the high standards of academic programmes at AKU and for the inspiration he provided during the foundational years of Aga Khan University. Dr Mustard applied his extensive knowledge and experience in health sciences, his ability to synthesize problems and his insatiable intellectual curiosity to help the University conceptualize new academic and research areas.​

A pioneer in medical education and research in Canada, Dr Fraser Mustard developed institutions that are positioned to benefit populations and societies for a long time to come. He was the founding chair of the department of medicine at McMaster University; the founding president of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research - a virtual, international research enterprise bringing people together to venture intellectually to address complex issues; and the inaugural president of The Founders Network, from where he launched an international network of researchers to focus on early childhood development. Dr Mustard is most renowned for his contribution to understanding of the importance of the early years of a child's life to the overall development of a human being. His work in this area is also the foundation for Aga Khan University's work in human development.