​What We Do (And Where)​

Welcome to the D-Lab! Our amazing co-working space with beautiful aerial views of the AKU lakes is alongside the Development or D-Lab situated on the 10th floor of the University Centre.

The D-Lab is a custom-built ideation, innovation and incubation hub that acts as a melting pot for students, faculty/staff, and outsiders, from all disciplines: face-to-face or hybrid/virtual. 

Human Centered Design Thinking (HCDT)

HCDT is a design methodology that takes a human-centric empathetic and solution-driven approach to tackling complex and ill-defined problems. We have been teaching and training scores of individuals across the organization (and beyond) the HCDT approach as an iterative process of problem identification, ideation, and experimentation. During the hands-on, workshop-based exercises, we focus on the five-step HCDT model proposed by Stanford’s d.school. The D-Lab as a robust brainstorming or ideation space adds critical value to the design thinkers’ armamentarium.  

Our Incubation Programme

After conducting the first three Hackathons, the need for​ AKU to have its incubation hub became evident – a place where the innovations brought forth could be better aligned with the problems they promised to solve. This is precisely the function of our incubation program, the first of its kind at AKU. Since its inception in March 2018, we have nurtured both student-led/student-centric and staff-led innovations at AKU. To date, scores of incubatees have been taken through a formal process of incubation, with a few securing early-stage seed funding. Through channeling creativity, we hope to develop entrepreneurial and innovative solutions with far-reaching benefits across AKU campuses and, thus, empowering the innovation ecosystem. 

Some of our incubatees include:

Innov'D Board

Maseeha health

Other Flagship Programmes​

The NHI Programme
AKU Hackathons
Health and Global Innovation Fellowships
OTBT (Off The Beaten Track)

Medjack and ICE’d Coffee Webinars
Narrative Medicine or Storytelling in Medicine
The ICE Journal Club
The Gaming League

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