Alumni Spotlight: 

Rosie Jervase, IIP Intern, 2018-2019​​

Rosie participated in the International Internship Programme in 2018 and worked as a Research and Communications Assistant with the Aga Khan University’s East Africa Institute (EAI) in Nairobi, Kenya. As part of her internship, Rosie developed a series of podcasts, blog posts, and content for communications platforms. Her work focused on women, children, and mental health in Kenya, and women in the artisanal mining sector.

​What skills did you develop through the International Internship Programme (IIP)?

My internship enabled me to further enhance my key skills. Through conducting quantitative and qualitative research related to mental health and women’s health in Kenya, I enhanced my data analysis, visualization, and utilization skills. I also improved my ability to share my research findings in a clear, concise, and engaging manner with key stakeholders. These skills are ones that I am currently utilizing in my position as a Data Analyst with Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC).

How did your IIP experience help you to secure your current role with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC)?

Through my experience, I learned the importance of critically tackling development challenges, such as mental illness amongst children and youth and women’s inaccessibility to healthcare in mining communities in Kenya. I also learned how to best communicate my research findings effectively through different mediums. Thus, it was the excellent guidance and the practical learning experience under the IIP within AKU that helped contribute to obtaining my current position with AKFC.​

Are there any recent accomplishments you wish to highlight?

My main accomplishment would be getting into the competitive Master of Science in Global Health programme at Trinity College Dublin post-IIP. I was able to excel in my Master’s programme by transferring the skills I honed from my research experience under the IIP into my Master’s thesis. I am pleased that I had this previous research experience under my belt as I then received the award for the highest academic standing in the Master of Science in Global Health programme for the 2019-2020 cohort.​​

Do you have any advice for incoming interns? 

My main piece of advice to incoming interns is to make the most out of your IIP experience and personalize it to your long-term goals. I knew that I wanted to pursue my master’s degree in Global Health after my internship. Therefore, I made sure to discuss my future goals with my supervisor, and she ensured that I conducted health-related research that I could utilize in my master’s applications. It is important to feel confident speaking up about your passions and career goals during your internship.