Our Team​


Dr Fauziah Rabbani
Associate Vice Provost – Research
Email: fauziah.Rabbani@aku.edu
Ext: 4864 / 2305

Kawasji Kheswalla                                                   
Director – Sponsored Research                                   Email: kawasji.kheswalla@aku.edu                                   
Ext: 4950

Husain Azfar
Director - Graduate Program Administration
Email: husain.azfar@aku.edu
Ext: 69810​

Dr Misbah Mannan                                                          
Senior Manager –  Monitoring Research Ethics and Integrity    Email: misbah.mannan@aku.edu  
Ext: 4404 

Nurali Jivani
Senior Manager – Strategic Research Administration
Ext: 4458
Zaheer Hamza
Manager – Research Office
Ext: 2350
Dr Jamshed Hasnain                                                               
Manager – Intramural Grants                                                        Email: jamshed.hasnain@aku.edu                                      
Ext: 4913  
Munira Didar Ali
Manager – Sponsored Research
Ext: 4937
Kaleem Ullah Khushik
Manager  Biosafety and Research
Email: kaleemullah.khushik@aku.edu
Ext: 4134
Maryam Ahmad                                                                              
Assistant Manager – Research Policy & Communications      
Email: maryam.ahmad@aku.edu​​ ​                                               
Ext: 4938 
Jack Fernandes
Assistant Manager – University Research Council
Ext: 4912
Gulzar Alnoor
Associate – Research Office
Ext: 4926
Dilshad Baig                                     
Associate – Sponsored Research                  
Email: dilshad.baig@aku.edu                          
Ext: 4363
Rizwana Nasim                                                                    Research Coordinator – Juma Research Lab (GF)                    Email: rizwana.nasim@aku.edu                                             
Ext: 4133
Sana Ayaz
Research Coordinator – Juma Research Lab (GF)            Email: sana.ayaz@aku.edu
Ext: 4909
Qurban Baig                                  
Technician – Juma Research Lab (GF)
Ext: 4881 ​​
Zulfiqar Hussain
Technician – Juma Research Lab (GF)
Email: zulfiqar.hussain@aku.edu
Ext: 4881
Tahir Mahmood A. Rauf  
Coordinator – Laboratory Animal Facility     
Email: tahir.rauf@aku.edu   
Ext: 1893, 4444 
Mukhtar Ahmad
Technician – Laboratory Animal Facility
Email: mukhtar.ahmad@aku.edu
Asghar Ali
Technician – Laboratory Animal Facility
Email: asghar.balti@aku.edu 
Ext: 4444


For research-related queries,
please call at +92 21 3493 0051 Ext. 4111
Time: From 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (PKT)
Days: Monday through Frida​y


Office of Research and Graduate Studies
First Floor, Service Building, Clinical Trials Unit
The Aga Khan University
P.O. Box 3500, Stadium Road
Karachi 74800, Pakistan