Happenings at ORIC

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May 24th, 2022

​Intellectual Property and Rights Workshop | Why to Patent? | Technology Innovation Support Centre (TISC)​ | Day 1 ​

​AKU TISC hosted three awareness raising sessions on Intellectual Property (IP) over the course of two days in May 2022. Guest speakers included an international visitor, Dr Usman Khan, Patent Attorney from Fish and Richardson, Washington, D.C. and another guest from the Government of Pakistan, Ms. Saima Kanwal, Assistant Controller of Patents at the Intellectual Property Office of Pakistan. The sessions included two lectures, “Why to Patent" and “Understanding the rights and trends of IP within and outside Pakistan" and a workshop comprising of one-on-one consultations to help incubate innovative ideas. TISC plans to conduct similar sessions to raise awareness among researchers, engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and AKU staff and faculty. ​

​May 25th, 2022

IP Rights & Trends Within and Outside Pakistan | Technology Innovation Support Centre (TISC)​ | Day 2​​