​At the core of the Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Division (PSCMD) exists the Purchasing Department, which is responsible for the procurement of all supplies and equipment required for institutional operations. The primary mission of the Purchasing Department is to secure required products for its customers at the most economically favorable terms and to ensure that these products are available whenever required.

The staff of the department works together as a team to form strategies and employ effective supply chain management techniques that are in the best interests of the institution. The department also aims to maintain such a relationship with its suppliers that they feel themselves as business partners with the institution.

At the Purchasing Department, we believe that our customers always come first and we affirm this belief each day when we procure the required products for them. Our aim is not just to meet customers' expectations but to exceed them, not just to satisfy customers, but to delight them, not just to procure for our customers but to be partners in the achievement of their objectives.


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Purchasing Department​​​​​
Aga Khan Hospita​l & Medical College Foundation
P.O. Box 3500, Stadium Road​​​
Karachi 74800, Pakistan 
Tel: +92 21 3486 2801| Fax: +92 21​ 3494 6623 
Email: procureme​nt@aku.edu​​

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