Education & Skill Development

This division ​ works for the development of necessary surgical skills (suturing knot tying and much more) which a medical student is expected to know when he enters an operating room. Due to the lack of skills prevailing in our society, this division focuses on improving those skills. ​This division holds multiple workshops across the year. The Ambassadors Programme helps us to spread our motto and to fulfill our dream. We have done multiple workshops till today and many more are to go.


  • enable student-centered education and skills that are accessible, relevant, sustainable, responsive, and of good quality, 

  • to guarantee that every young surgeon gets an equal opportunity to explore, discover and polish their talents and skills

Talks and Panel discussi​​ons:​

The Surgery Interest Group, in the interest of catering to the most important needs of our AKU Community, collaborated with Pediatrics For Life and Internal Medicine Interest Group the second Electives Made Simple event. This was a panel discussion with our final year medical students Mustafa Ali Khan, Taha Ahmad Zaka, Usman Zaffar Sandhu, and Danish Ali aimed at guiding students in the process of electives.​​

Suturing & Knot-Tying w​​orkshop:

Since its inception, SIG has conducted multiple suturing workshops for medical students at AKU under the guidance of Dr. Sadaf Khan, Dr. Amir Shariff, Dr. Hina Inam, Dr. Syed Arish Haider, Dr. Fatima Mustansir and many more wonderful mentors. Most recently, as part of the Trauma Conference, SIG conducted a large scale workshop for medical students from all over Karachi through its Ambassadors' Programme, which saw over 100 participants.​​​

Surgery Ol​​ympics:​​

On Day 1 of the Trauma conference​, the Surgery Interest Group, for the first time in Pakistan, organized Surgery Olympics in which medical students from various universities across Karachi availed this opportunity. This was a novel concept aimed at helping surgery enthusiasts improve their trauma surgery and basic life support skills through competition, teamwork, and workshops. It was followed by an extensive suturing and foleys workshop.​​​​​

Surgical Etiquet​​tes:

On popular demand, SIG organized a surgical etiquette workshop with Huzaifa Zafar (Class of 2020), who wanted to mentor his batchmates and juniors after returning from his double surgery electives in the US. He focused on the ‘DOs and DON’Ts’ of the operating room, expectations from a medical student at electives, preparation of a "Patient List" before morning rounds, wet & dry scrubbing techniques, and wound dressing.​