​​​​​Faculty, Resident & Alumni Engagement

Surgery interest group provides a platform to our Surgical faculty, residents & alumni to engage with young aspiring surgeons via two of our divisions. 

1. Education & Skills development

This division ​works for the development of necessary surgical skills (suturing knot tying and much more) which a medical student is expected to know when he enters an operating room. Due to the lack of skills prevailing in our society, this division focuses on improving those skills. ​This division ​holds multiple workshops across the year. The Ambassadors Programme helps us to spread our motto and to fulfill our dream. We have done multiple workshops till today and many more are to go.​


  • Enable student-centered education and skills that are accessible, relevant, sustainable, responsive, and of good quality

  • To guarantee that every young surgeon gets an equal opportunity to explore, discover and polish their talents and skills

2. Alumni Outreach:

The Alumni outreach division provides a platform for the students to connect with our honorable Alumni. The contribution from our Alumni has been invaluable and instrumental in laying the foundation of this platform; the spirit of "Giving Back" is instilled in minds of students when they are able to connect with our prestigious Alumni through this channel.

SIG's Alumni outreach division has worked in a very systematic way to strengthen this bond between the Alumni and the Alma matter. From online Email writing workshops to SIG talks, from creating a database that will assist students to reach Alumni to working on online workshops, the Alumni outreach division ​​is determined to take this spirit of "Giving Back" one step ahead.

Our plan is to provide mentorship to each and every future doctor with the continuous support from our AKU family and bridge this huge gap of distance through back and forth communication with our Graduates. We are keen to recruit new members to join us in this endeavor; we are open to suggestions and new ideas that will help students in the near future and generations to come.​


  • Bridge the gap between the Alumni and students by organizing workshops and talks
  • One on One mentorship for students
  • Designing a platform for students through which they can connect with our Alumni by tapping into our database
  • Back and forth communication between Alumni and students to keep the student body updated of recent achievements and researches of the global AKU family 

If you are a ​faculty, resident or an alumnus looking to engage with our students, write to us on surgery.interestgroup@aku.edu​