​​11th International Biennial Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference​​​​

​​​Nov 29, 2019: CTS Pre-Conference Workshop​​:

Surgery Interest Group kicked off the first pre-conference event of the 11th International Biennial Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference on November 29, 2019! The much-awaited "Suturing Workshop" was a meeting of young aspiring surgeons and seasoned faculty aimed at training and encouraging the surgeons of tomorrow. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sadaf Khan, Dr. Amir Shariff, Dr. Hina Inam, and Dr. Syed Arish Haider, these students learned different techniques in suturing and knot-tying.


Day 1:

The conference kicked off with hands-on workshops where PGMEs learned various skills from some amazing surgeons all over the world. These skills ranged from catheterization to cardiac advanced life support where the participants learned the importance of saving lives. "The Aortic root enlargement workshop" was very popular where the PGMEs from all around the Karachi practiced their surgical skills on cow hearts.

Day 2:

After a massive turnout in the PGME workshops on Day 1, Day 2 focused more on talks, panel discussions, oral presentations, and poster presentations. Multiple students along with faculty had submitted their respective posters in this conference. The judges were highly impressed by the diversity and innovation shown by all participants! We are proud to present that amongst the winners, our very own Muhammad Ali and Ali Bin Abdul Jabbar bagged the 2nd prize in the poster presentation category! ​​​

Day 3:

The last day of the conference kicked off with an exciting ‘Breakfast with Surgeons’ event where participants and students got to interact with and learn from Cardiothoracic surgeons from not only AKU but all around the world! This was followed by a Suturing Workshop led by Dr. Hina Inam, Dr. Tariq Khan, Dr. Yasir Bilal, Dr. Sara Iqbal, Dr. Mustafa Kamal, Dr. Mohammed bin Pervaiz and our student mentors from SIG. This workshop was a huge milestone, as SIG organized this for the very first time for surgery enthusiast students from 4 different medical colleges from all over Karachi!