SIG has actively participated in the annual conferences happening at AKU in the re​cent years. It has played an important role in organizing talks,workshops and quizzes along with other activities for medical students around the globe.

You can read the details of the conferences below.


List of Conferences

  1. 6th AKU Annual Surgical Conference-Surgical education and training
  2. 5th AKU Annual Surgical Conference- Trauma surgery
  3. 11th Biennial Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference

6th AKU Annual Surgical Conference

Due to covid-19, The 6th AKU Annual Surgical Conference; Surgical Education and Training: Developing Standards, was conducted virtually. The Surgery Interest Group played a vital role in organizing online sessions and workshops for the students. The summary of these events is described below.

Student Session: Transitioning into a new era

The Surgery Interest Group organised a “Student Session” as part of the 6th AKU Annual Surgical Conference. The session had keynote speeches, panel discussion and interview by esteemed speakers Dr. Adil Haider, Dr. Ather Enam, Dr. Ghulam Abbas, Dr. Lynette Dominguez, and our very own alumni Dr. Marvi Tariq, Dr. Mahin Janjua, Dr. Alizeh Abbas and Dr. Arish Haider. The speakers shared their insight on the challenges faced by surgical trainees during their residency, the future of surgical education especially in LMIC and transitioning into a new era after the world has been hit by COVID pandemic.
Click Here to watch the complete session on youtube.

Student Session

Panel Discussion: Transitioning into a new era

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Click Here to watch the complete session on youtube.

Student Session

Panel Discussion: Trainee's Perspective/Challenges Faced

Voicing one's opinions regarding the challenges they face is important but it can become difficult if you are at the bottom of the food chain. However, at AKU, we were given a huge platform as surgery enthusiasts to talk about the struggles a medical student may come across during the course of their training in a panel discussion, “Challenges Faced in Surgical Training: Trainee’s Perspective” on March 7th 2021, at the 6th AASC. This panel consisted of four residents: Dr. Roshan-e-Rana, Dr. Hassan Bari, Dr. Iqra Khan and Dr. Taha Kamal along with one medical student, a representative of SIG AKU, Maheen Mansoor. The panel was moderated by Dr. Amir Shariff and Dr. Nida Wahid. The discussion revolved around work-life balance, significance of mentorship, expectations of trainees from trainers and vice versa along with a dialogue on the role of gender discrimination in surgical training. It was an amazing experience and we look forward to more similar avenues.

Panel Discussion

Back to the Basics: Essentials of Surgery

The core committe of Surgery Interest Group organized this pre-conference virtual course for medical students around the globe.The major objectives were to develop competencies in the domains of surgical and critical care among the participants. It helped students to refresh their prinicples and knowledge of basic surgical skills and invigorate interest and innovation in surgery. It included the following sessions:

  1. Knot-Tying Workshop:
  2. Surgery Interest Group organized a virtual Surgical Knot Tying workshop as a part of the 6th AKU Annual Surgical Conference. Despite a lot of limitations, such as the pandemic and in-person workshops not being a possibility, we conducted a successful virtual workshop. This workshop was attende​d by around 80 medical students (1st year to 4th year students) from various medical schools across Pakistan. The residents leading the workshop, taught the basics of knot tying and how to tie a single handed square knot. To give participants a personalised experience, they were divided into breakout rooms, with each room headed by a resident. A step by step approach was used to demonstrate the skill, with students practicing their knots and residents providing feedback and helping identifying errors simultaneously. At the end, each student also got the opportunity to demonstrate the skill that they learned during the workshop, after which the residents provided individual feedback to all the students.
    The students shared positive reviews about the workshop, stating that it was a great learning experience and that they would be eager to be a part of more workshops that teach various surgical skills.

    Knot-Tying Workshop

  3. Clinical Science Quiz:
  4. The Clinical Sciences quiz was conducted as a part of the student workshop in the 6th AASC on 5th March 2021. There was a total of 40 participants who were divided into four rooms for the first round. The top 2 participants from each room contested for the final round. The Quiz tested the clinical case solving skills, knowledge of the participants, and their recall of basic sciences knowledge in various common surgical scenarios.


5th AKU Annual Surgical Conference-Trauma Surgery

The Surgery Interest Group played a pivotal role in organizing the 5th AKU Annual Surgical Conference 'Trauma: Striving for Change'. This was a wonderful opportunity for the group to showcase their abilities. We were able to hold multiple events. The summary of these events is mentioned below.

Surgery Olympics:

On Day 1 of the conference, the Surgery Interest Group​​, for the first time in Pakistan, organized Surgery Olympics in which medical students from various universities across Karachi availed this opportunity. This was a novel concept aimed at helping surgery enthusiasts improve their trauma surgery and basic life support skills through competition, teamwork, and workshops. It was followed by an extensive suturing and foleys workshop.​​​​

Surgery Olympics

Breakfast with surgeons: 

On Day 3, students from AKU and other medical colleges all over Karachi participated in an interactive mentoring breakfast event with surgeons organized by SIG. The event was attended by notable faculty from AKU and outside, including Dr. Mahim Malik, Dr. Farhan A. Mirza, ​Dr. Abida Sattar, Dr. Ather Enam, Dr. Eileen Bulger, Dr. Hasan Badre Alam, Dr. Paul Kivela, and many others.

Student Session:

On Day 3, the Surgery Interest Group organized the Student Session which consisted of talks and discussions with leading faculty as well as our very own recent AKU graduates.


Following breakfast, we had a quiz for all of the participants of the Trauma conference. Not only the student but the faculty as well participated in the quiz. The participants enjoyed it and were impressed by the quality of questions picked up by none other but Ali Bin Abdul Jabbar (left) and Manzar Abbas​ (right).

Quiz Picture 

Introduction to SIG:

The audience was introduced to SIG and its activities by our convener, who talked about SIG’s past, ongoing, and future workshops and talks as well as ventures such as the Ambassadors’ program. This was done in the hopes that the audience, largely a diverse group of medical students from all over Karachi, will benefit from SIG’s ventures and explore their interest in surgery through us.


Making Your Mark with Dr. Hasan Badre Alam:

Dr. Alam is the Norman Thompson Professor of Surgery and Se​​ction Head for the Section of General Surgery at the University of Michigan Hospital. He focused his talk on inspiring the hundreds of young students in front of him to pursue their dreams with wit and perseverance.

Hassan Badre Alam

Keeping Your Cool with Dr. Eileen Bulger:​​

Dr. Eileen Bulger, MD, FACS, is a UW professor of Surgery ​and Chief of Trauma for Harborview Medical Center. She introduced students to the world of trauma surgery and talked about important aspects of a career in the field.

Eilen Bulger 

Coffee with SIG:

Dr. Fatima Mustansir (Secretary SIG 20​18-2019) joined us for 'Coffee with SIG' for a fun and informative session in which we got to hear about her journey in medical school and beyond, on her way to becoming a surgeon.

Coffe with SIG

Panel Discussion: Students in Trauma Care-Bottom of the food chain?

This was a panel discussion in which we discussed what it means to be a trauma surgeon and the important but often neglected role of students in trauma care. Speakers included Dr. Amber Mehmood, and Dr. Rizwan Naseer, and Dr. Aisha Tariq (Convener SIG 2018-2019).​

Panel discussion 

Trauma Mentoring- Surgeons to Students:

This was our closing talk with our very own Dean Dr. Adil Haider, an accomplished trauma and acute care surgeon who has also been recognized for his work in the area of disparities in access to life-saving surgery. He ended with words of inspiration and guidance for all the medical students in the session from universities all across Karachi.

Adil Haider


11th Biennial International Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference

Nov 29, 2019: CTS Pre-Conference Workshop:

Surgery Interest Group kicked off the first pre-conference event of the 11th International Biennial Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference on November 29, 2019! The much-awaited "Suturing Workshop" was a meeting of young aspiring surgeons and seasoned faculty aimed at training and encouraging the surgeons of tomorrow. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sadaf Khan, Dr. Amir Shariff, Dr. Hina Inam, and Dr. Syed Arish Haider, these students learned different techniques in suturing and knot-tying.


Day 1:

The conference kicked off with hands-on workshops where PGMEs learned various skills from some amazing surgeons all over the world. These skills ranged from catheterization to cardiac advanced life support where the participants learned the importance of saving lives. "The Aortic root enlargement workshop" was very popular where the PGMEs from all around the Karachi practiced their surgical skills on cow hearts.

Day 2:

After a massive turnout in the PGME workshops on Day 1, Day 2 focused more on talks, panel discussions, oral presentations, and poster presentations. Multiple students along with faculty had submitted their respective posters in this conference. The judges were highly impressed by the diversity and innovation shown by all participants! We are proud to present that amongst the winners, our very own Muhammad Ali and Ali Bin Abdul Jabbar bagged the 2nd prize in the poster presentation category! 

Day 3:

The last day of the conference kicked off with an exciting ‘Breakfast with Surgeons’ event where participants and students got to interact with and learn from Cardiothoracic surgeons from not only AKU but all around the world! This was followed by a Suturing Workshop led by Dr. Hina Inam, Dr. Tariq Khan, Dr. Yasir Bilal, Dr. Sara Iqbal, Dr. Mustafa Kamal, Dr. Mohammed bin Pervaiz and our student mentors from SIG. This workshop was a huge milestone, as SIG organized this for the very first time for surgery enthusiast students from 4 different medical colleges from all over Karachi!