​Ambassadors Programme

Surgery is a passion for a lot of medical students, irrespective of the university they belong to. However, due to limited resources and guidance, even the most passionate students might not get a chance to showcase their knowledge and talent. In order for everyone to get equal opportunities and further explore the intricacies of a surgical career, the Surgery Interest Group (SIG) at the Aga Khan University formulated the “Ambassadors Programme”. The Ambassadors Programme aimed at bringing surgical enthusiasts from different universities to one platform, where they could share their resources with each other. Students from medical universities within Karachi were reached out and enrolled within the programme, based on their passion, commitment, and novel ideas. The roles played by these ambassadors ranged from publicizing various events held by SIG in their respective institutes to contributing their ideas for further igniting a spark within surgically inclined students. The programme aided surgical enthusiasts all over Karachi to attend various conferences and events based on alumni mentorship and the development of surgical skills. The events within the programme included the following:

1) Cardiothoracic Surgery and Beyond 2020: Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference, December 6-8, 2019 

2) SIG Suturing and Knot Tying Workshop: Part of the CTS Conference, December 8, 2019 

3) Surgical Residency in the UK: Mentorship Talk by Dr. Arish Haider (AKU’018), January 3, 2020 

4) Trauma: Striving for Change: 5th AKU Annual Surgical Conference (AASC), February 14-16, 2020 

5) Surgery Olympics: 5th AASC Pre-Conference Workshop, February 14, 2020 

The Ambassadors Programme allowed an increased number of medical students to attend these events at subsidized costs, allowing the propagation of our aim and promoting further skills in students within Karachi who are passionate to pursue surgery as their medical career. Currently, the programme encompasses 22 medical universities with 40+ ambassadors working together towards achieving SIG’s objectives.​


  • To share resources within surgically-inclined medical students for equal learning and networking opportunities
  • To disseminate surgical skills (suturing, IV Cannulation etc.) to students from different universities for further ignition of their passion
  • To make surgery relevant events (surgical conferences, mentorship talks etc.) more accessible to interested students without any bias to their institution

Benefits for ambassadors

  • Certification of their work with SIG Logo
  • Subsidized costs for surgical conferences and events
  • Exclusive events to meet surgery faculty and mentors
  • SIG Souvenirs

Application Procedure

Sign up to become a part of SIG’s ambassador program! Register through filling out a form​ here.​

Current Ambassadors

DOW University of Health Sciences

    1. Tooba Shahab, 4th Year MBBS
    2. Aimen Yaqoob, 4th Year MBBS

Ziauddin University

    1. Hafsa Imtiaz, 4th Year MBBS
    2. Iman Zia, 4th Year MBBS
    3. Anshahrah Riaz, 3rd Year MBBS

Liaquat National Medical College (LNMC)

    1. Raima Hossain, 5th Year MBBS 
    2. Areeba Abdullah, 4th Year MBBS
    3. Muhammad Farrukh Siddiqui, 3rd Year MBBS
    4. Yash Kumar​, 3rd Year MBBS

Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences (SSCMS)

    1. Ramisha Zahid, 5th Year BDS

United Medical and Dental College (UMDC)

    1. Saad Tariq, 5th Year MBBS
    2. Ruhab Sohail, 5th Year MBBS
    3. Faiz Bakhtawar, 5th Year MBBS
    4. Lailamah Rehman, 3rd Year MBBS
    5. Sumbal Ismail, 5th Year MBBS

Fatima Jinnah Dental College (FJDC)

    1. Hafsa Azhar, 5th Year BDS

Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry (LCMD)

    1. Shazmeena Shams, 5th Year MBBS
    2. Myra Khalid, 5th Year MBBS

Jinnnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU)

    1. Syed Shahzaib Shakeel, 4th Year MBBS​

Behria University

    1. Hibba Uzair, 4th Year MBBS
    2. Okasha Rajput, 4th Year MBBS​

Karachi Medical and Dental College (KMDC)

    1. Tofique Asghar, 4th Year MBBS​
    2. Marium Saeed, 3rd Year MBBS
    3. Noor Ikram, 4th Year MBBS

Islamic International Medical College Rawalpindi

    1. Aamena Akhtar, 3rd Year MBBS

Quaid-e-Azam Medical College (QAMC)

    1. Ahmed Manqadar, 4th Year MBBS

Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS)

    1. Amrat Ayaz Ali, 3rd Year MBBS

Jinnah Medical and Dental College (JMDC)

    1. Arooma Farooqie, 1st Year MBBS
    2. Suraksha Rani, 2nd Year MBBS

Baqai Medical University (BMU)

    1. Arysha Monis, 1st Year MBBS

Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences​ (BUMHS)

    1. Hamaiyal Sana​, 4th Year MBBS

Indus Medical College (LUMHS)

    1. Laiba Zaheer Ahmed​​, 2nd Year MBBS

Islamabad Medical and Dental College (IMDC)

    1. Mohsin Khalid Qureshi (Graduated)
    2. Shaheer Ahmed, 1st Year MBBS

People's University of Medical and Health Sciences for Women, Nawabshah

    1. Momna Vohra, 5th Year MBBS

Shifa College Of Medicine

    1. Muhammad Rizwan, 3rd Year MBBS

CMH Lahore

    1. Muhammad Tayyab Ijaz, 4th Year MBBS

Federal Medical and Dental College (FMDC)

    1. Ramsha Siddiqui, 4th Year MBBS

Isra University

    1. Warisha Tariq, 3rd Year MBBS