​​Analytical and Translational Research Cell​


  • The Analytical and Translation Research Cell (ATRC) is an initiative by Dr. Erum Khan, Chair Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

  • We envision to enhance research quality and product​ivity by providing support to faculty and residents from conception to publication.

  • We also aim to provide end-to-end facilitation for research projects by developing a seamless research ​​workflow.

Head, Analytical and Translational Research Cell

Dr. Erum Khan, Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


​The vision of Analytical & Translational ​Research Cell is to provide a platform that facilitates faculty to perform cutting-edge research in their respective fields. Special focus is to provide assistance with large data that remains untapped due to the difficulties in acquiring and handling. The ATRC aims to serve a converging point that will lead to new collaborations between departments and academic institutions. The goal is to improve quality of research by enhancing research efficiency through the vast resources that ATRC provides, from conceptualization and study designing to data procurement and journal selection, to increase the impact of research in the limited time the faculty have for research. The outcome would be groundbreaking discoveries and novel translational research not only from AKU but from Pakistan at large.

​There are four major domains under the ATRC:

  • Ideas and Conception Help

  • Study Designing

  • Data Extraction: you can request for a dataset based on your study require​​ments.

  • Data Transformation: you can request for cleaning and formatting of a dataset that you already have.

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