​Vir​tual Tour of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine's Five Sections​

Molecular Pathology

The revolutionary advances made in molecular biology during the past quarter century have made a major impact on clinical laboratory diagnosis.


Clinical Microbiology is an area of laboratory medicine that utilizes a mixture of classical and advanced diagnostic techniques to guide infectious disease patient management decisions, infection control and prevention practices, and help identify emerging infections or outbreaks.

Chemical Pathology

Chemical Pathology is a rapidly evolving field of clinical pathology in Pakistan. Faculty in the section are responsible for providing rich experience of teaching and learning to undergraduates, postgraduate and technologists.


Histopathology is the backbone of diagnostics and rapidly evolving field. The team of faculty and consultants at AKU is one of the largest in the country. Our postgraduate training programme offers the most versatile teaching and learning opportunities to residents, technologists and attendings.


This subsection deals with routine as well as special hematology tests such as Complete Blood Count (CBC), reticulocyte count, G6PD assay, ESR, osmotic fragility, body fluid cell enumeration, hemoglobin variant analysis by high performance liquid chromatography and examination of bone.


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