​Appreci​ation to Pathology and Laboratory Medicine communication committee

​​Communication committee of ​​Pathology and Laboratory Medicine​​​​​​​​ was appreciated for their efforts on developing the department website. Picture Gallery​

Dr Mohammad Khurshid-Distinguished University Prof​essor

​Distingui​​shed professorship of Dr. Mohammad Khurshid has been celebrated at depatment faculty meeting on 17th August 2022. Catch the glimpse here. Picture Gallery​

​Independence Day Celebrati​on

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine celebrated the 75th Independence day of Pakistan together as a team. Catch a glimpse of the celebration!​​​​ Picture Gallery​

Microbiology staff ​​appreciation

​Appreciation for staff on​ duty during rain emerg​​ency. Picture Gallery​

Appreciation of successful CAP audit​

​​In the departmental meeting, a token of thanks was presented to President of Aga Khan University, Dr. Sulaiman Shahabuddin​ for his continued guidance throughout the audit process. Also, section heads and laboratory representatives who worked tirelessly during the audit were appreciated by the acting Chair Dr. Rumina Hasan. Picture Gallery

Farewell of Dr. Sabeeh Uddin Siddique

​​​Dr. Sabeeh Uddin Siddique bid farewell to AKU in June 2022 for another opportunity. He did his residency after which he started working in the Histopathology section. He was given a farewell by the department where colleagues shared their memories of the time spent with him. Picture Gallery

CAP accreditation celebrations

Sections of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,​ after providing their full support in the process, celebrated post CAP accreditation with their staff and colleagues. Picture Gallery​

​Breakfast treat from the Chair to administrative and research staff

Dr. Erum Khan, Chair of the department arranged a breakfast for administrative and research staff to appreciate their hard work. Picture Gallery​

​Eid Ul Fitr celebration ​by the Chair's office and sections

Laboratory professionals worked 24/7 at the campus during Eid holidays.​ Picture Gallery​