​​​A simple casting trick to help a boy with a stroke walk

This is the story of Izzat Noor, a 5-year-old boy from Karachi, Pakistan. Since August, he has been a regular visitor to the Paediatric Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center at AKUH after suffering a stroke. Izzat Noor's stroke left him unable to walk, prompting Dr Zehra Habib and her team to recommend a series of treatments known as "Serial casting" to enhance his mobility.

Serial casting involves three to four cycles of casting, with each cycle requiring the patient to wear a padded fibreglass cast for two weeks, followed by one week without it. The cast is meticulously applied to maintain the leg in a straight position, gently stretching a tight muscle to improve flexibility and eventually straighten the limb.

As a result of these treatment cycles, Izzat Noor has made significant progress in his ability to walk. However, his left arm still presents challenges. To aid in the recovery of his hand, Izzat Noor will be introduced to two possible options: the use of a Cockup Splint or participation in a therapy known as CIMT (Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy). CIMT involves temporarily limiting the use of the unaffected hand to encourage and improve the function of the weaker hand. 

The family's dedication and adherence to the recommended treatments offer hope for Izzat Noor's continued progress and eventual recovery.​