​Research and Training Centre Matiari (2000-2024)

​The Aga Khan University field site located in Matiari, Sindh, is where multiple trials and research projects are unfolding. Below is a list of each recent study, its principal investigators, status​ and funding. For more information please contact Imtiaz Hussain at imtiaz.hussain@aku.edu​

​Project Titl​e

​​Design/Sample Size/ objectives/ Brief Description of clinical or community services​​​​

​SehatMand Khandan (Healthy Families) 2020-2024 

​Principal Investigator &
Co-PI: ​Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta
Prof. Sajid Soofi

Dr. Zahid Memon

Sponsor: UNFPA 
Status: Ongoing
Department: COE​

Design: Implementation Research
Coverage: 400 LHWs and their catchment population and 06 Health care facilities
Objectives: The project aims at improving the reproductive health and rights of women, adolescents, and youth in the project target areas with poor reproductive health indicators, especially those furthest behind enabling them to exercise their reproductive rights, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence.  |
Clinical or Community Services: This initiative involves implementing healthcare strategies using both government health facilities and the network of Lady Health Workers within communities.​
Study team: Dr. Shah Muhammad, Mr. Rafique Channa, Dr. Tazeen Saeed Ali, Shahnaz Shahid, Dr Lumaan Shaikh, ​Dr. Rahat Qureshi

​Microbiome and Malnutrition in Pregnancy 2022-2024

Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta
Prof. Sajid Soofi

Sponsor: CIHR ​​​
Status: Ongoing
Department: IGHD

Design: Observational Cohort

Sample Size: 400 young pregnant women
Objectives: To assess if alterations of the microbiota in the maternal gut (dysbiosis) are associated with maternal gestational weight gain. To determine the association between maternal microbiome dysbiosis during pregnancy and birth outcomes, infant growth, infant nutritional status and health in the first year of life.
​​Clinical or Community Services: NA​

Study team: Mr. Yaqub Wasan, Ms. Azra Sheikh, Mr. Abdullah Memon


Zinc supplementation to increase the immunogenicity of oral poliovirus vaccine: A randomized controlled trial

Prof. Sajid Soofi
Dr. Atif Habib

Sponsor: WHO
Status: Completed
Department: Paediatrics

Design: A double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial

Sample Size: 404 (0-14 days babies)

Objective: To assess the impact of zinc supplementation among infants on immune response to oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV)​

Study team: Dr. Sheraz Ahmed