Students ​from AKU, Karachi schools create art for child protection

Students from AKU and two schools in Karachi wrapped up interactive learning on child protection with an art exhibition to demonstrate they understood and could identify child abuse in its many shapes and forms.​

The exhibition was part of AKU's Off The Beaten Track elective course for medical students, which has a stream on child protection. As part of the extra-curriculars, the students made a presentation and held an interactive le​​arning session with students aged 4 to 8 years from Roshan Academy Pakistan in Gulshan Mazdoor and Abdullah Goth Campus. The CPS is a student-run committee that addresses child abuse protection, recognition and intervention.​​​

​The exhibition concluded at the Medical College Quad on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. ​​Chief guest Syra Yousuf shared her connection to the cause. "Thank you for having me here," she began, reflecting on her personal journey as a mother and her encounters with Dr. Kishwar Enam of CPS. "Any cause related to children is very close to my heart. I love the work everyone has put up, especially the winners, it's really lovely and heartwarming."

The exhibition was a display of the talents of around 130 participants, judged by Dr. Arshalooz and Dr. Iffat Ahmed, members of the Child Service Protection faculty wing. Dean Dr. Ali Haider thanked those involved in organizing the event and reflected on the purpose of the medical college and MBBS program. "The whole idea of this Medical College and MBBS program for the last 40 years has been to create holistic doctors who care more about society and things that are beyond themselves," he stated. He acknowledged the role of faculty members Dr. Kishwar Enam, president of the CPS and Dr. Adina Sajjad, director of OTBT, in bringing child protection issues to the forefront.

Associate Dean Dr. Sadaf Khan expressed gratitude towards the guests from Zindagi Trust and Roshan Academy for their contributions. "Thank you for coming here and sharing the beautiful artwork that you have created," she said, outlining the vision behind the OTBT program and its culmination in this event.

The awards recognized several outstanding participants. Hassan Masood, a 4th-year Medical Student at AKU, and Khadija Aslam were the winners from OTBT. Areesha Hussain from SMB Fatima Jinnah received an honorary award. Bhumika and Fiza from SMB Fatima Jinnah and Roshan Academy School, respectively received the 3rd prize. The 2nd prize was awarded to Afia Shakil and Hunena Sheikh from SMB Fatima Jinnah School, and the first prize went to Khadija from Roshan Academy Pakistan. All participants were acknowledged with certificates for their contribution to this meaningful dialogue through art.

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