​Child Protection Services at AKUH​

The Aga Khan University Hospital has a dedicated Child Protection Service (CPS) that ensures that every suspected case of child abuse receives comprehensive diagnosis, medical and psychiatric treatment, and psycho-social support.

​CPS helpline: +92 301 1012934​

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CPS operates through a collaborative effort of lead faculty members from several departments (Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Nursing). This interdisciplinary approach ensures holistic care for abused children.

​​​The CPS operates round the clock, with a team of six paediatricians available on rotation, supplemented by consultations from other departments as needed. Additionally, a 24-hour hotline offers information and guidance on managing cases of child abuse, and providing immediate support to individuals.

In partnership with the Sindh Child Protection Authority, CPS facilitates appropriate referrals for medico-legal cases. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been established between CPS AKUH and SCPA, guaranteeing prompt attention to suspected cases of child abuse, even before legislative procedures commence.


In cases requiring forensic examination and investigations, a dedicated child protection officer (CPO) is assigned, ensuring legal procedures are initiated, including the registration of a first information report (FIR). T​​he CPO also oversees matters pertaining to legal proceedings and court appearances, providing victims with refuge within the hospital premises until alternative arrangements can be made, if necessary.

CPS not only establishes standardized protocols for managing suspected cases of child abuse but also conducts​​ workshops for medical and non-medical professionals and trainees to enhance awareness and reporting of child abuse. These workshops extend to educational institutions, including schools and madrassahs, aiming to equip students and parents with knowledge on child safety.

Moreover, medical students at Aga Khan University Hospital actively participate in CPS through a dedicated student-led committee, supported by CPS faculty. They contribute by conducting educational awaren​​ess sessions for the public, thereby fostering awareness among both the community and future healthcare providers.

Furthermore, CPS has conducted workshops for Sindh child protection officers, acknowledging their crucial role as first responders to victims and their families. Ongoing research studies on the prevalence, risks, causes, and evidence-based management of child abuse furthe​r enrich CPS's endeavors. Participation in national and international conferences underscores CPS's commitment to advocacy against child abuse, with aspirations to establish a dedicated advocacy center at the Aga Khan University Hospital in the future.

For more information please contact: 
Dr Kishwar Enam: kishwar.enam@aku.edu