​​​Meet the Team​


Ali Najib Sidiki

Ali looks after social media and video storytelling at the Medical College and is responsible for launching the entity’s Facebook Page which now has 30k likes and our YouTube channel! Ali has a background in journalism and has worked for newsrooms in Pakistan and the United States. He is very passionate about human rights and can be found advocating for causes he cares about during his free time.​


Saman Qureshi 

Saman is a communications and public relations professional, currently managing Communications at the Medical College. She is a LUMS and New York University alum, with experience in a wide array of sectors. After spending a few years in Singapore and Dubai, she is readjusting to life in Karachi, with her challenging yet fulfilling role at AKU helping to do just that.

When she isn’t working, she is running after her precious six year old twin daughters, taking care of her home and loved ones, fund-raising, reading and planning her next travel adventure.​ 


Sana Mahmood​

Sana leads strategy and communications at the Medical College, working ​with partners across AKU to develop clear direction and goals. Sana's background is in education policy and she has worked in the development and higher education sector in strategic planning for almost a decade. Sana started as a teacher, and continues to love working in an environment that trains and builds capacity of people that make impact across the world. ​


Suroor Zahrah Ansari

Suroor is a Geographer on a mission to improve harmonies between humans and nature, between the built and natural environment. She has been working under the umbrella of sustainable development; from water security to healthcare and education, recyling organic waste, and even Environmental Social Governance (ESG). As in her previous roles, Suroor wears many hats in the MC Communications Team, which span audio, visual and written content creation and beyond. She believes communications is the essential tool to ​​inform, persuade and mobilise people towards any cause one believes in and strives to contribute to.​​