​Message from the Associate Dean​​

Welcome to the Department of Continuing Professional Education (DCPE) at Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan. At the department, we provide outstanding educational activities that teach evidence-based practices leading to significant impact in improving health. 

Our vision: DCPE at AKUMC, Karachi serves as a hub of knowledge, learning, and training for healthcare professionals whilst remaining financially viable through improved collaborations with national and global academia, research organizations, and professional bodies.

Our Mission:

1. To serve as a platform for the acquisition of clinical and research knowledge through effective educational formats to participants to improve their knowledge, clinical skills, and practice.

2. To enhance health care professionals' knowledge by updated and accredited medical information resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Our Goals – based on IQRA  

1. Impact

  • Increase the number of training activities and resources available to planners, facilitators, and learners
  • Ensure all relevant standards of accreditation are met
  • Increase the number of educational formats and engagement methods to achieve activity objectives and align them with best practices

2. Quality

  • Become a leader nationally in post-graduate continuing medical education of health care professionals
  • Develop in-house courses, modules, workshops and increase the number of CME peers nationally and internationally through this expertise
  • Secure funding which is free from commercial bias and is consistent with AKU values

3. Relevance

  • Perform continuous strategic assessment to develop CME programmes relevant to our needs
  • Develop CME programmes that contribute to the scholarship in areas of health equity and disparities
  • Support quality improvement efforts of the clinical teams and departments at AKU

4.     Access

  • Increase participation of faculty, staff, and students as planners and speakers in national and international academic activities (conferences, webinars, seminars meetings, etc.)
  • Increase the number of CME/CPD activities designed to improve patient care in Pakistan with particular emphasis on underserved communities.
  • Increase number of CME/CPD activities designed to improve team-based patient care approach which will result in the widest impact on population health.
  • Develop state of the art CME programmes in specific disciplines which are recognized across the country

The department plans to achieve these goals through live scheduled activities (workshops, conferences, skills training) and regularly scheduled activities (journal clubs, tumor boards, grand rounds, lectures) along with establishing objectives and metrics to measure success.

The Department of CPE allocates ACCME accredited credit hours for activities and participants are provided with credit certificates according to the time they have spent for continuing education.

Dr Natasha Ali

Associate Dean, Department of Continuing Professional Education

Associate professor (Haematology)

Aga Khan University​