​​US GRADE Network                                                            Evidence Foundation 

The U.S. GRADE Network's mission is  to support initiatives                                                    The foundation's mission is to support initiatives in evidence-based ​

in evidence-based  health care and disseminate GRADE through                                                healthcare through training, mentorship, education and 

training, mentorship, education,  and collaboration​.​                                                                              collabprations. 




Dr Mustafa is a nephrologist with a master's degree in public health and ​a​ PhD degree in health research methodology/clinical epidemiology. Her research interest focuses on the application of principles of evidence-based medicine in clinical and public health decision-making. She has extensive experience in the development and assessment of clinical practice guidelines through her work with The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) working group. She serves on the GRADE guidance group (executive committee). Dr Mustafa is also a founding member of the U.S. GRADE network and evidence foundation.​


​Dr Sultan is a c​linical gastroenterologist and health services research investigator at the University of Minnesota and the center for chronic disease outcomes research (CCDOR) at minneapolis veterans administration medical center. She is a core team member of the minneapolis VA evidence synthesis program and the minneapolis evidence-based practice center. She has extensive experience with clinical practice guideline development through her work with the GRADE working group. She is the former chair of the clinical guidelines committee of the american gastroenterology association (AGA) and has worked with a number of organizations as a guideline methodologist. Dr Sultan is also a founding member of the US GRADE network.​​​​

CCBP in collaboration with the US GRADE network arranged the GRADE process training and trained around 50 including faculty and non-faculty members from AKU.