Events ​​

​​army workshop.jpeg
Workshop at Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute

Our te​​am conducted a highly successful three-day workshop at AFPGMI for the Army Medical Corps, attended by high-ranking officials including 3 Major Generals, 3-4 Brigadiers, 4 Colonels, and 12 Lt Colonels. Objectives achieved through meticulous planning included knowledge transfer on GRADE methodology and adapting international guidelines, skill development through hands-on training, fostering team building, and collecting feedback. Success was evident through over 95% attendance, 95% participant satisfaction, and demonstrable improvement in knowledge and skills based on pre and post-test assessments.

25th National Health Science Research Symposium ​

The 25th National Health Science Research Symposium (NHSRS) focused on "Transforming Medicine Through Evidence-Based Guidelines," marking a significant step in improving healthcare in Pakistan. The symposium, preceded by a key Advisory Board meeting, gathered influential figures like the Dean of Aga Khan University, Army General Major, and the Minister of Health. At the meeting, the AKU Manual of Clinical Therapeutics, developed by the Centre for Clinical Best Practices (CCBP), was introduced and discussed, highlighting its methodology and potential impact. A SWOT analysis identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, setting the groundwork for symposium discussions. Over two days, the symposium featured plenary sessions, panel discussions, and presentations aimed at advancing healthcare practices through evidence-based guidelines.

2nd advisory board.JPG
Second National Advisory board meeting 

The Second National Advisory Board Meeting convened on February 19th, 2024, day one of the National Health Sciences Research Symposium. Distinguished leaders in Medicine and Surgery from across Pakistan gathered for a meeting with the National Advisory Board for the Centre for Clinical Best Practices. 
During the session, the Grade Development Process was introduced, eliciting insightful feedback and valuable input from the assembled board members. Discussions also revolved around future collaborative endeavors between Aga Khan University (AKU), the National Advisory Board, and Pakistani Medical societies. One highlight was the prospect of joint efforts in disseminating AKU's Manual of Clinical Practice Guidelines. The exchange of ideas and commitment to collaborative action highlights the collective dedication to advancing healthcare practices nationwide.