​Visiting National/International Elective Application​​​

SECTION '1': To be completed by DEAN or REGISTRAR of student’s school (not relative)

Download the form from the given link

Form - Verification from Medical School

SECTION '2': To be completed by the student

Please Note: Incomplete form will not be submitted.

Application form - Verification from Medical School *
Note: only pdf and word document is accepted

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Note: Due to shortage of rooms, it is not always possible to provide accommodation in the hostels.

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Student Declaration

  1. I accept and will abide by all applicable policies, procedures, and regulations, including the University student code of conduct during my visit to The Aga Khan University Please see University policies on https://www.aku.edu/registrar/Pages/services-policies.aspx

  2. I accept my ethical obligation as a medical professional to hold all information provided by the patients, families or by other members of the health care team in the strictest confidence during my visit or thereafter.

  3. I accept that The Aga Khan University shall be entitled to withdraw its permission for use of its premises and facilities if I do anything that breaches the provisions set out above or do anything which in the reasonable opinion of The Aga Khan University brings or likely to bring the University’s name or reputation into disrepute.

  4. I confirm that at the end of my visit I will return all property belonging to The Aga Khan University specifically (Access, ID Cards, etc)

  • Aga Khan University reserves the right to cancel elective application If an application is discovered to be inaccurate or incomplete, or if supporting documents are not received with the application.

  • In submitting this application, I declare that the statements I have made in my application are true. I agree to conform to the discipline of the selection process and to accept the decision of Aga Khan University concerning the evaluation of my application and the selection to the Elective programme. I understand that submission of an application does not guarantee confrimation of proposed Electives.

University reserves the right to amend the eligibility criteria or procedures as and when required.