Students and staff are eligible to borrow books from the library.


Reference services are complemented by trainings, workshops, and information literacy programmes, which provide orientation tours, regularly scheduled workshops on specific tools and topics, and course-related sessions. For additional information please enquire by email or phone.


Photocopying services are available at a cost. All photocopying is subject to copyright law.

Inter-Library Loan
FHS Kampala library is a member of Consortium of Uganda Universities Libraries (CUUL). Through the networks the library has interlibrary arrangements with several libraries. Details of the service are available on request.

The library also coordinates its services with the sister institutions in Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan.​

​Learning Resource Centre

The learning resource centre is equipped with 15​ workstations fully loaded with Microsoft Office programmes. It is next to the library and has second door between it and the library to allow students and staff access it over the weekend through the library. It is manned by a qualified systems support person who carries out routine maintenance and trouble shooting on all the resource centre machines. All the workstations are connected to the internet with 357 kbps upload and 1MB download.
The learning resource centre accessible to all students currently registered at AKU Advanced Nursing Studies and shall open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Rules​ - Learning Resource Centre​

  • ​All computer lab equipment is University property and falls under the Aga Khan University, Uganda property guidelines and the Computer & Technology Use Policy. Due to the large number of users accessing the resource centre, the following rules and regulations must be followed to ensure a quality experience for all.

  • Using a computer on a network with internet is essentially the same as being a member of a community. So waiting users have the right to use computers left unattended for more than 15 minutes.

  • ​For security purposes, all users must log in with their University assigned username and password. If a username is not known, or a password is invalid, please see the Computer Administrator immediately.

  • No Internet user will be allowed to download software or watch pornographic material on resource centre machines. The programs installed are to accommodate users with University-related instructional purpose and coursework.

  • Do not save your work on any of the hard drives. The computers are automatically cleaned and unauthorised files, directories and programs are routinely deleted. Users must bring their own diskettes (Flash Disks) or work from their Z Drive (student network storage space). All learning resource centre workstations have anti-virus software installed to prevent infected diskettes from being used on the machines. If you suspect or discover that your diskette has a virus, do not use it in the resource centre. You may see the Systems Administrator for assistance in cleaning your diskettes

  • Food, beverages, and tobacco products are not allowed in learning resource at any time.

  • Students with laptops should use the Wireless Hotspot in the Library and AKU takes no responsibility of student property.

  • Collaborative work and quiet conversations are encouraged, but please refrain from loud talking, laughter, or music.

  • No cell phone calls are allowed in learning resource centre at any time. You must step outside the computer lab to conduct a phone call.

  • Users desiring to listen to music or any audio on the computers must use headphones. If others are waiting to use the computer, please do not use the Internet for recreational purposes e.g. checking mail, playing cards games etc

  • Students are not allowed to tamper with hardware or software configurations; change the cabling, CPU, monitor and Ups on any of the lab computers and its not reading study room.

  • All users must log off the system after they are finished using the computer. To do so, simply click the start button and select "Log Off". Before leaving make sure the system completely logs you off and shows the log on screen for the next user.

  • All students are liable for damage to equipment due to their own negligence and the learning resource centre and management reserves the right to make any necessary changes.​​​​​​​​