• ​Students and staff borrow 3 books at a time for 14 days. Books on high demand will be lent out for a shorter period as designated

  • Loans are renewable subject to demand.

  • Members may reserve information resources that are already in circulation. Material so reserved will be lent out on first come first serve basis.

  • Members will be informed when reserved material become available via email and must collect them within 24 hours of the notice.

  • Books designated reference and study collections are for use in the library only.

  • Journals will not be lent out.

  • The library reserves the right to recall material on loan and may restrict circulation of any book in the library.

  • Overdue charges will be levied on books not returned on time. These are payable on demand and are currently Kshs. 50 per book per day for normal borrowing and 100 per day per book for books on high demand. Declared public holidays or notified closure of the library will be discounted.


  • Reference services are complemented by trainings, workshops, and information literacy programmes, which provide orientation tours, scheduled workshops on specific topics, and course-related sessions.

  • For additional information please enquire by email or phone.

Multimedia ​

  • Digital Media section was established to empower the library in its information collection and dissemination endeavor. It provides various services strategic to the library's mission and vision. It serves various needs of AKU and AKUH.

  • This section is equipped with modern facilities to provide multimedia services that include professional video production (coverage and editing in final cut platform); digital photography; graphic design; interactive media design; multimedia programming; web design and desktop publishing. It also offers supportive services to students, faculty and staff.


  • Photocopying services are available at a cost.

  • Members will be allocated a PIN number against some payment.

  • PIN enables them to personally operate the photocopier or send their work directly from the PCs.

  • Members will be inducted and supported on the basic functionality of the photocopier / printer.

  • Members will be expected to ensure security of their PIN numbers.

  • All photocopying is subject to copyright law

Inter-Library Loan​

  • AKU library is a member of Kenyan Universities' Consortia (KLISC) and the Association for Health Information & Libraries in Africa (AHILA) and a member of the Kenya Chapter (KEN-AHILA).

  • Through the networks the library has inter-library arrangements with several libraries. Details of the service are available on request. The library also coordinates its services with the sister institutions in Uganda, Tanzania, Karachi.

Learning Resource Centre

  • Proof of identification may be required for members using the resource centre.

  • All users of the Learning Resource Centre are provided with a user name and a password to be able to log on to the computers.

  • Discussion is prohibited in the resource centre.

  • A maximum of two users are allowed on one computer provided they work discretely and do not disturb other users.

  • Installation of any software is prohibited.

  • The resource centre is provided for research, therefore playing games and internet chat is prohibited.

  • Users intending to use CDs/DVDs/flash disks must scan them with antivirus software before use.

  • No data should be stored in the hard disk of the resource centre computers. Library staff will delete any such files.

  • Users must not remove any equipment from the resource centre.

  • Users are encouraged to ask for assistance in accessing the available databases.

  • Users are requested to immediately report any difficulties encountered with the hardware or software.​