Past Olympiad Highlights

1st AKU Sports Olympiad 2016

The first AKU Sports Olympiad took place in August 2016, with 390 participants from 17 institutions participating in 7 different sporting events including squash, tennis, badminton, futsal, volleyball, basketball and table tennis, for both male and female students. 

The five-day event culminated in an Awards evening honoring the winners and participants, on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. Winning athletes from the various sporting events hailed from the Institute of Business Administration (women’s and men’s table tennis, women’s badminton), Nixor College (men’s badminton and tennis), Dow International Medical College (men’s basketball), National University of Science & Technology (men’s futsal), Baqai Medical University (men’s squash) and hosts, Aga Khan University (women’s basketball, men’s volleyball).

As part of the festivities, the Olympiad athletes were treated to an evening of live music from AKUSTICS, delicious food, and entertainment with comedienne, Shehzad Ghias. 

With regards to their experience in organizing the event, student co-Conveners Shehryar Ahmad, Fatimah Sajjad, and Qasim Mehdi said, “Through the Olympiad, we brought together all of the best athletes across Karachi to celebrate diversity and sportsmanship, united by our passion for the games. Our sincere thanks to our overwhelmingly enthusiastic team for backing us up and working night and day to make the dream of the Sports Olympiad, a reality at our phenomenal Sports and Rehabilitation Centre.”

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2nd AKU Sports Olympiad 2019

After a gap of two years, the AKU Sports Olympiad was revived and took place in April 2019 at its Sports and Rehabilitation Centre (SRC). The 2nd AKU sports Olympiad brought together 700 participants, 25 institutions across Pakistan in 10 sports including athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, futsal, swimming, table-tennis, tennis, throwball and volleyball. Co-conveners of the event Ayesha Memon, Usman Ali, and Talha Waheed have some words to share with all the participants: “Congratulations to all the teams and participants for their amazing performances! All of you showed strong display of sportsmanship, talent, enthusiasm, focus, hard-work and above all the determination to fight till the very end! Here's till the next Challenge! See you all and more in 2020!”