Events 2018

The Trade in Papers Marked with Non-Latin Characters
Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations | Lecture | London
Lecture on the occasion of the launch of a new book by Anne Regourd.
September 19, 2018

1st Paediatric Airway Surgery Conference
Medical College | Conference | Karachi
Register now to participate in state of the art lectures, witness a live surgery and engage in a hands-on workshop on biological tissues
September 16-18, 2018

Teaching Children Magnetism Modelling
Institute for Educational Development | Course | Karachi
Engage in exemplary, inexpensive and simple magnetism activities from pedagogical as well as content perspectives.
September 15, 2018

Perceptions of Nursing Students of Educational Environment
Medical College | Other | Karachi
Perceptions of Nursing Students of Educational Environment at a Private Undergraduate School of Nursing in Karachi, Pakistan
September 13, 2018

Universal Health Coverage
Medical College | Lecture | Karachi
A CME Lecture
September 12, 2018

Clinical Features and Outcome of Patients affected by Congo Virus
Medical College | Lecture | Karachi
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Faculty Forum
September 12, 2018

Muslim Cultures in the Indian Ocean
Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations | Conference | London
Explore the diversity of Muslim cultures prevalent in the Indian Ocean region where, historically, Muslims have interacted for centuries.
September 12-14, 2018

Innovation in Cardiac Sciences
Medical College | Conference | Karachi
A CME Live Conference
September 10, 2018

Clinical Simulation Educator Programme
Aga Khan University | Course | Karachi
The programme is designed for faculty and clinicians who wish their teaching skills to be current, credible and at the cutting edge.
September 10-14, 2018

Novel Technologies-Minimally Invasive Assessment of Small Intestine in Infants
Medical College | Lecture | Karachi
A guest lecture by Professor Guillermo Tearney
September 5, 2018

Events are subject to change; please contact the organiser for details.