​​​Abstract Submission Guidelines ​

The National Health Sciences Research Symposium is now accepting the submission of scientific and case report abstracts.

Your submission of an abstract indicates that you have consented to your abstract being available on the conference platform and literature, electronic and in print.

Please adhere to the submission guidelines. The Abstract Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any presentation if the guidelines are not followed


Please define the following four parts: 

Background → Methods → Results → Conclusion

Case reports

We require:

Background → Case report → Learning points → Conclusion


Any special characters and special words should be capitalised or italicised. Abstract titles will be proofread.
Titles in ALL CAPS (other than for abbreviations or acronyms) are not allowed.


Th​e abstract text must be under 350 words.
Text in ALL CAPS (other than abbreviations or acronyms) are not allowed. 

Spelling guidelines

​Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Please observe standard English grammar rules including a space after full stops and commas. Use British English. 

All measurements should be reported using the the International System of Units (SI) when appropriate. 

Systematic names such as genus, family and higher orders should be  capitalised; e.g. Coronavirus, Bacillus Species. 

Nonsystematic names such as pleural of genus/family should not be capitalised; e.g. pneumococci, meningococci.

For drugs, generic names are preferred unless justified. Do not capitalise generic drug names; e.g. ceftriaxone, penicillin

​Any non-English expressions in English texts should be italicised, e.g. in vitro, in vivo, a priori.

Uncommon abbreviations should be used with definition when used the first time

​Abstract themes

The abstract themes are given below. Please choose the best-fitting abstract theme. You may choose more than one theme if applicable.

Feto Maternal Nutrition
Child Nutrition (Including Breastfeeding)
Adolescent Health and Nutrition​
Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases​
Nutrition in the Geriatric Population​
Nutrition in Oncology & Critically Ill
Diet and the Microbiome
Climate Change, Nutrition, and Food Insecurity

Double check

Do not forget to make a final check of your abstract to ensure that it conforms to the above guidelines. Abstracts requiring major changes may be rejected or returned to the author for correction. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at conf.sect@aku.edu​

So what happens next?

You will be notified about the acceptance of your abstract in due course. Further guidelines will be shared later

​Deadline Extended: Saturday, October 15, 2022​​​

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