Message from the Chair

On the occasion of our 9th annual surgical conference here at AKU, we extend a warm welcome to all the participants. This year, as pandemic restrictions ease and international travel resumes, we are pleased to have several notable participants from both within and outside of Pakistan. In fact, the past challenges of the pandemic reminded us just how important it is for science, our practices, and collaborations to meet in person and network.

The theme of this year's gathering is a topic that has both excited and confused many in the past few years – the role of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the way we take care of patients as well as conduct research. The confusion stems from the fact that for many people, it is unclear what AI or Robotics truly means, with frightening images of computers ruling the world. With the amazing new vistas opened by advancing data science, predictive algorithms, and machine learning – comes the exciting part!

Our organizing team has curated a series of engaging days – preceded by a host of workshops. Participants can expect to delve into the possibilities created by these cutting-edge technologies. The brightest minds in AI and robotic surgery coming together to teach and learn is an awesome thing - we will be able to understand how this impacts every part of our lives in meaningful ways. Multiple panels and discussions are planned, as well as an expanded abstract session and a wonderful ‘hackathon’!

Thank you for joining us and moving the needle forward in surgical research again! Drs. Fahad Umer, Saqib Qazi, and Hina Inam as chairs, and Rashna Agha as the Program chair have worked tirelessly and innovatively this year – please let us know how we can continue to improve for the future, and here’s to collaborations in the future!


Dr Saleem Islam

Chair, Department of Surgery