​Organising Committee

Dr. Adil Haider, Dean Medical College, AKU, Patron
Dr. Syed Ather Enam, Chair, Department of Surgery, Patron
Dr. Hasnain Zafar, Conference Chair
Dr. Masood Umer, Conference Co-Chair
Dr. Shahzad Shamim, Chair, Scientific Committee
Dr. Amir Shariff, Co-Chair, Scientific Committee
Dr. Nadeem Siddiqui, Chair, Workshop Committee
Dr. Sana Zeeshan, Co-Chair, Workshop Committee
Dr. Rehan Nasir Khan, Chair, Publication Committee
Dr. Mahim Malik, Co-Chair, Publication Committee
Dr. Saqib Qazi, Chair, Communication Committee
Dr. Fazl ur Rahman, Chair, Sponsorship Committee
Dr. Gulzar S. Lakhani, Member, Organizing Committee & Conference Administrator
Dr. Tabish Chawla, Member, Organizing Committee & Sponsorship Committee
Dr. Sharmeen Akram, Member, Organizing Committee & Communication Committee
Dr. Aneela Darbar, Member, Organizing Committee & Communication Committee
Dr. Sadaf Khan, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Hasanat Sharif, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Hammad Ather, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Fahad Umer, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Moghira Iqbal, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Muhammad Akbar Baig, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Rashid Aqeel, Member, Organising Committee
Ms. Rozina Khimani, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Sabah Saqib, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Faizan Javed, Member, Organising Committee
Dr. Shahid Sami, Member, Sponsorship Committee
Dr. Nida Zahid, Member, Publication Committee
Dr. Syed Shahabuddin, Member, Publication Committee
Dr. Rashna Aga, Member, Publication Committee
Dr. Yasir Mohib, Member, Publication Committee
Dr. Qamar Riaz, Member, Publication Committee
Dr. Shiraz Hashmi, Member, Publication Committee
Core Committee Members, Surgery Interest Group (SIG)
Mr. Murad Bana, Conference Secretary
Mr. Shariff Charania, Conference Secretary
Mr Muhammad Irshad, Conference Secretariat and Medical College Administration
Mr Asad Yaqoob, Conference Secretariat
Mr Rasool Sarang, Office of ​Communications
Mr Ajmal Rizvi, AVLRC
Mr Mu​hammad Farhan, Department of Continuing Professional Education