Professor Emeritus

​Dr Jamsheer Talati​​​

Dr Jamsheer Talati joined the Medical College at its inception in 1983. He taught functional anatomy, particularly of the peripheral nerves in a problem-based learning mode by examining patients with leprosy from the Mare Adelaide Centre. From this beginning, students learned about clinical and epidemiological aspects of the disease from the staff of the Centre, a unique and valuable learning experience. The linkage with Mare Adelaide Centre flourished to support research in immunology of mycobacterial diseases undertaken by the Department of Microbiology as the faculty of the Medical College grew. He is nationally renowned in the surgical profession as the founding editor of the Pakistan Journal of Surgery and in Karachi as an urologist who provides quality care. 

Dr Talati's attraction to academic medicine was the main stimulus for moving his well-established and busy surgical practice to the newly constructed AKUH in 1985. As head of the section of urology from 1985 to 2004 he established the urological service at AKUH as the leading provider of comprehensive, state-of-the-art urological care in the country. He was promoted to professor in 1990.​

Dr Talati contributed extensively to the development of the curriculum of the Medical College during its initial 10 years and subsequently. In fact, the seeds he has sown during those years led to the implementation of the University's Problem-Based Learning model – the cutting edge of the Medical College's undergraduate curriculum. As Associate Dean for Education and Head of the Department of Educational Development in the Faculty of Health Sciences, he initiated and nurtured a programme of workshops for educational development of faculty, supported by visiting faculty from units in Britain, UAE, Canada, USA and Pakistan. He established links with the international network of medical educators that enabled selected members of faculty to be educated for educational development; such as the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, the International Medical Education Directory in North America, and the World Federation of Medical Education.

Dr Talati was presented with the University's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1997. 

Ladies and gentleman, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor of Aga Khan University, I am pleased to con​​fer the title “Professor Emeritus" on Dr Jamsheer Talati.​