Did I want this for myself or was it imposed?

Is it a blessing or a curse?

So many questions to answer, where to begin?

Somehow it will make sense.​

It seems like  a time for self-reflection,

It seems like  a time to craft finesse out of imperfection.

As if the planet earth is breathing life into itself,

As if the air has cleansed itself.

For the first time ever, we have paused to see the moon and the stars,

For the first time ever, the battle is not of guns but of SARS.

For the first time ever, things stand still,

For the first time ever, life is what we can instill.

Heroes have been redefined,

Priorities have become more refined.

I believe I found answers to the questions I was looking for.


[First appeared in Medical News Pakistan Aug 2020]​​​

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Headshot.jpgDr. Imbesat Maheen Syed is a resident of Pediatric Surgery track (clinician), Vice President national society of women in science & technology Pakistan, writer, blogger, you tuber, poet, inspirational speaker and artist. She is bridging the gaps between hard core science/medicine and a lay person through her work and writings. She is demystifying medicine and surgery.​​​​