​Before you go

Dearest little one fighting the damn bipap
Your mango juice and roohafza
And your CaC-1000
(Who on earth requests for that)
Is ready for the bipap free interval
Your fruit platter is in the refrigerator
Healthy food choices!

I don't think you know
That we have come to an understanding
Your parents and us
We that promise to stand by you
Make you believe we are there for you
You are code DNR
Doesn't mean that we will leave your side
It just means that when it's time
We will let you go without protest
With tiny little specks of our heart

And I will remember the fight
Where you were so angry
At being forced NPO
And at broken promises
And when your requests were ignored

On the days that I feel lost
Devoid of hope
I will remember your courage
And the fight that you put up
For yourself
I will remember how you still managed to smile
And I will remember your willingness
To make every effort
Though I know how hard it was
I will remember you, dearest,
As a source of my strength
I will remember you as the one
That remembered me

I wish I could let you know
Before you go

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About the Author

Harbouring a love for language, Areeba believes in words as being the surest means of expression. A pediatrician by profession, she enjoys reading and writing whenever time allows. Her experience as a resident doctor has played a big role in her writing, which can be found on her blog https://areebasultan.wordpress.com/. ​She secretly wishes to live in a world where she can hibernate with her favourite books a few months each year and get paid for doing that.​