​​​​Woman Up


​Let me tell you a secret
Every man hides a woman he is ashamed of
She is neither one of the women in his life nor his dirty little secret
But the woman within​

The one without the body
After all what is he but a fragile ball of toxic ego
So in this cathartic moment of my life​

I thank her for existing 
For keeping me afloat
For holding me tough against the collapsing domino that 2020 has been

Tomorrow shall be a new day
But why is it so hard to wake up tomorrow?
Why does one have to wake up into the unknown?
For when you are struggling to stay afloat
Do you not envy the birds that can fly off to the moon?

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About the Author​​

Fasih Ali Ahmed is a graduate of the MBBS class of 2019 at AKU. He currently works as a research associate at the centre for patient safety and aspires to be a surgeon. He utilizes fine art and writing as an outlet to sublime complex emotions of the day to day life. His creativity fuels his passion for surgery as he believes the diligence and the attention that an artist pays to details is exactly what a surgeon needs to restore form and function.