​​A thank you: that meant a lot to me!

It was just like any other day, a long day, that was coming to an end. Before heading off home from work, I had to stop over at a supermarket for groceries and essentials.​

I took a cab and headed straight to the supermarket, went into the market and got busy collecting groceries, taking my shopping cart from one aisle to another and one floor to the next.
After about an hour of shopping I finally took the cart to the checkout conveyor belt. I made the payment, got my things packed and went outside, standing at the exit waiting for my cab to arrive and take me home.

An elderly security guard was sitting on a chair near me. When he saw me standing with my shopping bags and belongings, he quickly got off his chair and offered it to me, saying 'shukria' (thank you). I said shukria back to him for his courtesy.

As I sat there, tracking my cab on my app, I raised my head to look around and right across the aisle I saw a lady somewhere in her 50's standing with her bags waiting for her car. I offered her the chair I was sitting on, the lady politely refused explaining that she had a back issue due to which standing was better for her. But she went on to thank me. The following paragraph is in her words, she said, “Thank you. Thanks to you and fellow doctors like you, who are working during this pandemic trying to keep us safe. I pray to God to keep you and your medical fraternity safe and protected, I'll continue to pray for you and your medical fraternity, amen".

This fine lady said such beautiful words- they will eternally stay with me.

All of my exhaustion evaporated like ethers within a moment after hearing this!

Moral of the story: Not everyone in this world is rude; there still are considerate, kind and compassionate people in this world that uphold the equilibrium of this planet. We just have to come out of our shadows of doubt and suspicion and appreciate the good that is still around and will continue to thrive and keep this planet alive for years to come.

I'm thankful to this lady , whoever she  were, but for sure I can only appreciate her in my writings anonymously!

“Thank you", these two words can mean a lot to someone, let's use these kind words more often and make it a great day for some one. Amen to that!
Thank you!!

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Headshot.jpgDr. Imbesat Maheen Syed is a resident of Pediatric Surgery track (clinician), Vice President national society of women in science & technology Pakistan, writer, blogger, you tuber, poet, inspirational speaker and artist. She is bridging the gaps between hard core science/medicine and a lay person through her work and writings. She is demystifying medicine and surgery.​​​​​​