Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions asked most frequently by our overseas volunteer professionals who would like to contibute their services in the areas where AKU needs more professional support.

Q. Who is an overseas volunteer professional?

You are an individual or a groups of individuals, including AKU alumni, who are academically qualified with the required professional qualifications and accreditation from recognized institutions. Normally, you would be expected to have a minimum of 3 to 5 years post qualifying experience and special expertise in your professional field. However, outstanding professionals with less experience will also be considered.

Q. What is the application procedure?

Once you have filled the online OVP Interest Form, your application will be forwarded to the appropriate Chair or Director for review. Based on recommendations received from the Chair or Director, a decision will be made on whether there is an appropriate role for you at AKU.

Once this has been decided, Human Resources and the concerned Chair or Director will jointly communicate the nature and duration of the assignment, the terms and conditions of service and other details.

If you are a resident of North America, you are requested to ​contact the Human Resources Representative Office in North America:

Navroz Surani
Director, Human Resources Talent Development
Aga Khan University
Suite# 786, 789 Don Mills Road, Toronto
Ontario, Canada M3C 1T5
Tel: +1 416 425 8400
Cell: +1 416 230 7015
Toll free: +1 888 425 8411
Fax: (416) 467 0961

Q. What support will be provided to me?

AKU will provide the following support within its available resources:

  • Logistical support
  • Accommodation and meals at the AKU Guest House or at any other suitable place
  • Conveyance from place of residence to AKU and back
  • Where applicable, insurance coverage for malpractice, as part of the Institution's overall coverage
  • Cover for minor illnesses (outpatient), and services of an emergency nature

Q. What medical coverage will I get?

You will be expected to arrange your own health insurance to cover for illnesses while at AKU.

Q. Will I be provided with travel facilities?

It is expected that you will make your own travel arrangements including the cost of travel. However some assistance may be provided if required, for identified professions such as nurses, teachers or administrative professionals.

Q. Will I be eligible for any remuneration?

No! Volunteers will not be eligible for any remuneration.

Q. Who will inform me about my selection as an Overseas Volunteer Professional?

Human Resources will inform you about your selection and then work with you on the details: on the type of visa and work permit you will have to obtain as per government regulations.

In the case of physicians, nurses or other medical and paramedical professionals, Human Resources will also work with the Chair or Director to arrange the required licenses that will enable you to practice at AKU.

Q. Will I have to submit any report at the end of my services?

Three days before the completion of the assignment period, you will be required to submit a report to your Chair/Director stating your accomplishments, challenges, problems encountered, if any, and an overall assessment of the assignment.

Q. Upon successful completion of my services, will I be given any certificate?

On successful completion of the assignment, a certificate will be issued jointly​ by the Vice President, Human Resources and Chair/Director.​​