Why choose AKU's On-Site Internship Programme?

Launched in 2008, AKU’s International Internship Programme (AKU-IIP) provides undergraduate, graduate, and freshly graduated students with opportunities to engage in international experiences through on-site internship placements in countries where AKDN has a presence. The focus remains on quality, and skills-based experiences, that ensure interns develop strong cross-cultural competencies, communications and critical thinking skills, ethical frameworks, and leadership development.

AKU-IIP works closely with programme mentors, the local community, University partners, and interns. A key strategy for sustaining results is the participatory and inclusive approach of the programme through strong internship planning, implementation, and ongoing development.

Why Intern Abroad?

An international internship gives individuals the chance to learn in a culturally immersive atmosphere. This is a perfect opportunity for individuals who are passionate, innovative, and eager to learn in a culturally different environment than their own! You will gain invaluable professional experiences and the chance to bring what you learned in the classroom into the real world! 


On-Site Experience

Learn more about AKU’s On-Site Internship Programme and what our interns have to say about their experiences.



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